Volvos new S90 released recently, dynamic, its equipped with 2.0T engine, there T5, T6 and T8 hybrid models available. According to foreign media reports, the new S90 future may launch an entry-level hybrid models, powered by a combination of three-cylinder engine and electric motor 1.5T. It is reported that the new entry-level hybrid models will be equipped 1.5T three-cylinder engine and electric motor of hybrid systems, and the system had primarily to the size of CMA platform for the production of a smaller number of models engine crankshaft prepared, but do not rule out carrying to the S90. Peter Mertens, senior vice president of research and development of Volvo, said the system is suitable precursor models, may not have plugged the mouth, S90 prototype car has been related test, which means that the future may be in a few years the car will be officially launched . And this 1.5T engine will be used in future more CMA platform to launch the "40" Series models on (S40, V40 and XC40), the first expected to be equipped XC40. Recently, the Dongfeng Citroen official announcement, Sega classic cars officially listed. The listing of the models equipped with the 1.6L engine engine parts, there are three models available, and both the sedan version of the classic Sega car models continuation of the previous models in the sale of Sega modeling, future and new generations C4 Sega Sales . Compared to the current starting price of 107,800 yuan Sega, Sega classic starting price of an overall reduction of 1.2 million, but in the overall configuration of the classic Sega has not diminished. Vehicle design, the classic Sega updated the product LOGO, text adopted CLASSIC, showing different identity; while the interior offers deep, shallow two styles. Power, the car will still carry 1.6L engine Honda Coilovers, maximum power of 117 horsepower (CNG version for the 106 hp), matching 5-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic transmission.